With 10 years of experience in the information technology field, Famtech is confident that it brings the best quality products.
Product design

Building your own technology products: Xeminh (XeMinh Community Connection), Luxcheck (Legal comprehensive vendor inspection solution) ...

Mobile apps

We focus on building and developing mobile apps that focus on user-centric experience.

IT solutions

Support and develop digital transformation solutions to solve problems in life.

Why choose us?


Young leaders and staff members are full of enthusiasm and creative thinking.


A group of experienced coders & designers are available, producing a number of innovative products with high applicability.


Young talents are always appreciated and have unlimited opportunities for development and advancement.


We are constantly learning and developing to bring the high-quality products to our customers.


Thanks to continuous efforts, we bring customers and users the best quality products.

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Internal news and information technology news and trends will be continuously updated here.